MCCD Adopts Planters in Downtown Lewistown

The MCCD recently adopted planters in Downtown Lewistown as part of the Downtown Lewistown Adopt-A-Planter program! This year’s display showcases native plants that can be utilized in home and/or commercial landscaping. Native flowers are adapted to our regions climate, soils, and wildlife. So what exactly did we plant? Check out the list below…

Large Planter (Center to edge)

  • Shenandoah switch grass (Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’)
  • Butterflyweed (Aesclepias tuberosa)
  • Tickseed (Coreopsis grandifolia ‘Early Sunrise’)
  • Sweet alyssum (Alyssum maritima ‘Easter Bonnet White’) NOT NATIVE

Small Planters (Center to edge)

  • Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia fulgida)
  • Pennsylvania sedge (Carex pennsylvanica)

Plants were chosen for their texture, color, and native status. Sweet alyssum, while not native, was chosen for its durability, color, growth habit, fragrance and for the fact that it is not an aggressive invader in our area. Be sure to check out our planters downtown, and visit all of the other beautiful planters too! Also, check out the Downtown Lewiston Adopt-A-Planter website to learn more!