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2024 Mifflin County Agriculture Land Preservation Program

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Mifflin County Conservation District is to conserve the county’s natural resources through coordinated and professional guidance, technical assistance, and education to the landowners, public agencies, and residents of Mifflin County.


The Mifflin County Conservation District (MCCD) was awarded 1.9 million dollars in grant funding to be allocated over three years for the installation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to prevent nutrient and sediment pollution in Mifflin County.

Farm operations have been able to apply for funding through the Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program (ACAP) to install Best Management Practices such as Waste Storage Facilities/Mortality Composters, Forest & Grass Buffers, Stream and Wetland Restoration, and Heavy Use Area Protection to name a few.

Funding for the ACAP Program was created through the American Rescue Plan Act and the Clean Streams Fund and was established with the goal of reducing non-point source pollution to surface and groundwater supplies.

The program is administered by the State Conservation Commission who delegated the local program implementation to conservation districts.

One benefit of the ACAP program is that it can be paired with other cost share programs to bridge the gap left by any shortfall in funding for a project.  In 2023 the Mifflin County Conservation District was able to assist landowners in the completion of two projects.  BMPs installed for each project are listed below…

Project #1

  • 50 ft. x 144. ft. Roofed Heavy Use Area
  • 50ft. x 44 ft. Roofed Manure Stacking Structure
  • 1 Watering System
  • 1400 ft. Pasture Fencing
  • Other BMPs included gutters and downspouts, access roads, and storm water controls.

Project #2

  • 5,020 ft2 Roofed Heavy Use Area
  • 4,969 ft2 Roofed Manure Stacking Structure
  • Other BMPs included gutters and downspouts, access roads, and storm water controls.

MCCD 2023 Annual Report