Lending Library

The Mifflin County Conservation District is willing to share it’s expertise with educators to foster better education and further educator’s knowledge. Our education specialties include:

·Watersheds & Wetlands·Water Quality and Stream Health·The Chesapeake Bay·Soil and Water Conservation·Agricultural Nutrient Management·Stormwater Pollution·Stormwater Control·Erosion and Sediment Control·Dirt and Gravel Roads·Land Use Planning·Conservation Easements·Regulations pertaining to the above topics

Our expertise is broad, and if there is a topic that you would like to have us assist you with and it is not listed above, please call and talk to us.


Our Library Of Resources

We have a whole host of resources in our library. Some you can Borrow and some you can Keep. Please contact us or stop by if you would like to look through our resources available to you.

Here is a sample of what we have available:

-Soil Profile Transparencies
-Lesson Plans and activities for ecology, streams, recycling, agriculture, etc.
-Pennsylvania Ag. Mags. For Kids
-Environmental Concern, the board game
-Forestry and Wildlife Resources
-Water Wheels
-Watershed/Water Quality Coloring Sheets
-Soils Maps
-And Much More!


EnviroScape® – Available on Loan to Educators!

The EnviroScape®’s are realistic demonstration models. They are great tools for use in demonstrating principles of how aspects of the environment; watersheds, wetlands, pollution, etc., work. They are ideal for all ages, kids to adults!

The Conservation District owns two different models which can be loaned to educators: Wetlands, and Watersheds & Non-Point Source Pollution models!

If you borrow a model, it  comes with instructions and all materials you will need. We do ask that if we need to restock an item, that you please let us know. To borrow a model, please contact us at (717) 248-4695 to see if it is available and schedule a time to pick it up and sign it out.

Descriptions of the models, environmental concepts, and ideas for using the models are listed below. For more ideas, and more detailed information, please visit the EnviroScape® website for more ideas and teaching methods. To get creative, we recommend using the User Tips and Sharing page on their website.

Wetlands Model

The wetlands model is a great tool to teach about the importance of wetlands, their functions, and values to the environment and society.

This model demonstrates:
·Functions and values of wetlands
·How human activities affect wetlands
·Constructed wetlands and how help fix problems
·Recognize different types of wetlands
·Illustrate nonpoint source pollution
·It can be used for lots of other demonstrations too!

Watersheds & Nonpoint Source Pollution Model

The Watersheds and Nonpoint Source Pollution Model is very versatile and it even illustrates Point Source Pollution!

This model demonstrates:
·What is a watershed?
·How we impact watersheds
·Nonpoint Source Pollution from the following sources: Agriculture, construction, residential, stormwater, and forestry
·Point Source Pollution from the following sources: stormwater, sewage treatment plant, and industrial discharges
·It can be used for lots of other demonstrations too!



You can also borrow a scenic background for either or both of the EnviroScapes®. We have created this background because of the many requests for something that illustrates a forest, and a watershed better. This background can be used tobetter illustrate a common watershed in Mifflin County, or a mountain forest. Please Enjoy!



These Video Links should help you in preparing a lesson, setting up the models, determining what parts to use, and maybe stimulate some ideas. These ideas may or may not work for an individual model, but most of the time they are adatable to multiple models. Enjoy!

EnviroScape® Demonstration
Stream Ecology for Kids


Partnering with Schools and Other Education Entities

The Mifflin County Conservation District is always looking for opportunities to partner with schools, both private and public, or other education entities such as 4H, Child Development, etc. to enhance students learning of environmental and conservation issues. In the past we have assisted and partnered with schools to provide EnviroScape® demonstrations, plant trees for riparian buffers, perform stream assessments, and other resource related activities.

If you have an idea and/or would like to partner with us for a project, in-class demonstration, teacher in-service day, or anything else, please contact us! We would be happy to assist you if we can.

Grants for Schools Partnering with the Conservation District    From time to time there may be grants available for schools to partner with us for hands on projects and field trips. If you are interested in this please let us know so that when the grants are available we will know who to contact.


Links to Useful Tools & Resources for Environmental Education

·E-Map – An interactive Web Mapping Tool from the PA DEP

·DEP WAVE /span>– Another PADEP interactive map

·Web Soil Survey /span>– Interactive Web Mapping of Soil Surveys

·USGS Topo Maps – Download USGS Topo Maps

·Measure Your Bay Footprint – A Web based calculator by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

·Chesapeake Bay Lesson Plans – PACD has collected lesson plans about the Chesapeake Bay

·Surf Your Watershed – Created by the US EPA, a great education tool about YOUR watershed!

·PA Fish & Boat Commission Interactive Maps!

·Pennsylvania Fishes – PA Fish and Boat Commission

·Threatened and Endangered Fish, Reptiles, & Amphibian Species – PFBC

·Threatened and Endangered Wildlife Species – Pa Game Commission

·Online Mapping from the PA Spatial Data Access – Includes maps such as: PA Imagery Navigator, PA Atlas, national Weather Service, Interactice Place Finder, and A Map Gallery with Wildlife, Environment, and Geology maps!

Links to Environmental Education Grants

·WREN Grants 

·PA DEP Environmental Education Grants 

·US EPA Environmental Ed. Grants

Links to Environmental Education Websites

·Penn State Youth & Teachers Natural Resources Extension – This is a great website with all kinds of resources that can be used in the classroom as well as LESSON PLANS created by teachers for teachers. You can even share your lesson plans!

·Pennsylvania DEP Environmental Education

·Bay Backpack – Teacher Resources for the Chesapeake Bay

·Market Place For The Mind – Agricultural education resources, including lesson plans

·Environmental Concern 

·Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education – Great resource for everything environmental education related in PA

·Drinking Water Wise   

·WREN – Water Resources Education Network


·Chesapeake Bay Foundation  

·US EPA Educator Resources