Jack’s Creek Stream Restoration: Gamelands 107

Construction broke ground in August 2022 on a massive stream restoration project of Jacks Creek in Mifflin County. The project – located within the approximately 8,000 acres of State Game Lands 107 – was a collaborative effort between the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Mifflin County Conservation District. The 3,890 foot section of Jacks Creek (a cold water fishery) was restored by implementing rock and log structures aimed at reducing streambank erosion while simultaneously enhancing habitat for fish and aquatic organisms. Pre-project sampling data was obtained in the form of electrofishing and benthic macroinvertebrate sampling with the help of PA DEP biologists and local trout unlimited members. This restoration effort is the first of its kind in the Jacks creek watershed and is aimed at controlling sediment erosion and providing the local wild brown trout with clean spawning substrate and overhead cover.