Water Quality Monitoring

The Mifflin County Conservation District, along with several other State and Federal organizations, perform regular water quality sampling to monitor current water quality conditions, nutrient reductions, and habitat improvements.

MCCD Monitoring

The MCCD has secured PA DEP 319 grant funding to monitor streams in Mifflin County. These monitoring efforts started in 2014 and will continue through 2020. Water quality parameters measured include chemical, physical, and biological assessments and sampling occurs annually in the month of May.

Other Monitoring Efforts

Many other conservation partners conduct monitoring in Mifflin County streams as well. There are several continuous monitoring units (CMS) and stream gauges throughout Mifflin County. Partners also conduct site specific surveys throughout the year. For more information follow the links below…




Water quality sampling in the Upper Kish


Fish survey in the Upper Kish


The SRBC recently installed this Continuous Monitoring Station along Kishacoquillas Creek.