Dirt, Gravel, & Low Volume Roads

Armagh Township Lower Creek Road Project

Armagh Township completed approximately 725 linear feet of severely eroded ditchline stabilization in 2023 through the Mifflin County Conservation District Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Roads (DGLVR) Program.  The project site is located just south of the junction of Lower Creek and Treaster Valley roads.  Historically the Township had difficulty managing the often times excessive volume and rate of water flowing through the road system. 

For this project it was not possible to reduce flows entering the road system, often the preferred strategy of road maintenance, so efforts were taken to manage the flows to reduce ditchline erosion and subsequent sedimentation of the receiving waters (Honey Creek).  After proper ditchline shaping and preparation, Armagh Township staff installed nearly 700 feet of Flexamat concrete block matting to stabilize the ditchline.  Flexamat matting contains gaps between the blocks thus allowing vegetation to establish and grow between the blocks as time passes, creating an area that withstands high flow events and promotes infiltration of surface flows. 

The Dstrict’s DGLVR program provided technical and financial (100% of material costs) assistance to Armagh Township in their efforts to complete the project.