Stream Conservation Grants

The MCCD regularly applies for state, federal, and private monies through several competitive grant programs. These grants fund a variety of activities including outreach and education, BMP implementation, monitoring, etc. To date the Mifflin County Conservation District has brought millions of grant dollars to our county to improve, protect, and promote the natural resources of our county. Below is a list of current grant programs to assist landowners in conservation efforts…

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant

This grant is open to landowners in Mifflin County who have a demonstrated need for stream conservation. This grant funds a variety of BMPs to reduce sediment and nutrient loads in local streams.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Multi-functional Riparian Buffer Grant

This grant funds the installation of Multi-functional Riparian Buffers and is open to landowners in Mifflin County who have a stream on their property and are willing to establish a forested riparian buffer along the stream. This grant promotes buffers income producing or mutli-functional buffers.

DEP Buffer Management Grant

This grant funds the management, rehabilitation, and installation of riparian forest buffers in Mifflin County. This grant seeks to maintain/improve existing buffers (installed through a cost-share program) and to install new riparian forested buffers.

To see a complete list of grant programs available through the District visit our Cost Share Programs page. To learn more about  stream conservation grants and if you can apply, call the District office 717-248-4695 ext. 4.